Friday, July 18, 2014

"The Fog of War" – Do You Agree With Our Country's Priorities?

Infographic courtesy of War Costs

As an artist/activist it's important to me that no matter how much our respective jobs need to be handled in a politically neutral manner, that we keep close to our hearts, matters of humanity that are most important to us. The issue above is one of my life issues. As an alumni of the first year of Americans not to be drafted (1974) it has always been important that we find ways other than war to handle our disputes.

But we haven't.

40 years later we are more entrenched in international conflict than ever before – and we spend virtually 1/2 the world's military budget while millions of Americans go homeless and nearly 50% of our population is on some form of public aid because of a war economy winning over a peace economy.

So what can you do?

50% of your tax dollar goes to the war machine.

a) Write your senators and congresspeople and demand a reduction in military spending by redirecting funds to job creation and the arts.

b) Spread this info graphic to everyone you know – and let our politicians know that we are not the heathens this kind of war making implies – but a caring, forward-thinking, compassionate society that values human capital over all other forms of capitalism:)

c) Do something other than just reading this and saying that that's just how things are.

Note: The Fog of War is a 2003 documentary film by Errol Morris using archival footage and interviewing Secretary of State Robert S. McNamera on his involvement in Vietnam and the Cold War. Excellent.

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