Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Emergency Relief: Donations/Projects Needed

Scene of no crime
As per my previous story on being arrested on the morning of April 27th, that day, while I was in police custody, officer Lombardo and crew raided the OWS (legal) encampment on 15th Street and confiscated not only our OWS donations box, but my personal belongings in the form of a rolling suitcase containing all my artwork, supplies, paints, brushes, clothing and a Lumix camera I had been given as a gift. When confronted by OWS members objecting to the removal of the luggage, the officer responded, "That guy was arrested this morning - so his stuff is 'unattended'. Haul it." So in the space of one day, the NYPD not only arrested me illegally, but confiscated both my business and my home in one rolling cart. Somehow, I'm sure America is safer for this:)

To restart my sign-painting business, replace my camera and regain my other possessions, I am soliciting donations or projects to get back in the game. Yes, I find it deplorable that our law enforcement officials are being actively aggressive towards Occupy members and in my case, even taking the supplies that I use to support my Occupation. We Occupy exactly against these illegal activities.

Please help fight this injustice and contribute liberally to this cause. A recent comment to my post, "Arresting Developments" stated, "You make us all proud, David. We can't all be there, but you're a terrific surrogate." With that sentiment, please understand one thing:

Please use the PayPal donation button in the left sidebar and help me survive to fight again another day.

And if you have projects regarding advertising or writing, please contact me here - or visit my LinkedIn page. I'd rather have the work than a donation. Your support is greatly appreciated and needed in these days of police oppression against artists and purveyors of true liberty.

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