Wednesday, February 5, 2014

'Inequality For All': Another Inconvenient Truth

This documentary made my viewing list this week and it brought to mind the reality that as the middle class shrinks, advertisers will have fewer people to advertise to. 

Last year I made a presentation to America's largest advertising agency and my charge was to wake up their top creative staff - people in the top 2% income bracket - and it was amazing how hard they didn't have to work to not hear a single thing I said regarding America's income gap - and how it might affect them, negatively,  if they didn't tune in to it.

The film, "Inequality For All", a sort of economic "Inconvenient Truth" features economist Robert Reich in a fascinating expose on how America's extreme income inequality is bad for everyone. The key graph from the film (above) shows how income inequality in 2007-2012 nearly matches that of the US before the great depression and explains how America ranks worst among developed countries in economic fairness - even worse that Iran and Nigeria, countries much less developed...(continued here.)

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