Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Huffington Post: David Everitt-Carlson - "What Today's Mad Men Can Learn From Occupy Wall Street"

Last week I was interviewed by Jerry Ashton, correspondent for the Huffington Post, on Occupy Wall Street and the post is up as of yesterday. The complete print interview can be found here. A radio interview covering the same topic can also be found, on WGRN radio - but beware, spring showers had made my voice a bit more whiskey & cigarette-tinged than I might have liked without the actual whiskey and cigarettes. In either case I opine on things Madison Avenue could learn from Occupy Wall Street and a few tricks Occupy could learn from the Mad Men as well. Young men and women in the advertising business start their careers as if they were going to change the world. How to keep that spirit is what's up for discussion. It's all interesting - these seemingly diametrically opposed worlds I traverse. Fun? For sure. Profitable? We're working on that:)

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