Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Emergency Relief: Thank You Freya

Fuzzy logic
My week begins with $100 from Freya to help replace art supplies lost in my earlier arrest and police raid of my belongings and a reminder to all that I am still $250 away from being able to replace the Lumix camera, tripod and artists easel confiscated and miscataloged by the NYPD. During most days I spend the mornings networking the job scene, the afternoons supporting Occupy at Union Square and the rest of my time fighting the cops - yes, Mayor Bloomberg's self stated "personal army" who have taken up full-time residence against Occupy, the first amendment and anything that smells like it might threaten their boss' job. Since the armed robbery of my items on April 27th I have slowly rebuilt my mobile production setup but lost hundreds of hours to pursuing the three different court cases I currently have running and am certainly no closer to having any kind of life that even approximates anything resembling the American Dream - I think that concept is practically more Chinese now - as China's Tiananmen syndrome becomes increasingly more American.

And so comes my 56th birthday on Friday the 22nd this week. Donations are encouraged, accepted and greatly needed in my fight to sustain true democracy, uphold freedom of speech and transform our financial and legislative system to one that more closely serves the people who support it - as opposed to only those who ungainly profit from it. I thank you all daily for your help, moral support and positive spirit:)

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