Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Help Support the Occupy National Gathering on July 4th, Philadelphia, PA

In less than a week, the first Occupy national gathering will happen in Philadelphia, PA, not coincidentally, in the same city as our founding fathers crafted the declaration that gave all Americans hope, freedom and the ultimate pursuit of happiness.

Join Occupy and help us reclaim our revolutionary heritage. To help New Yorkers attend the conference, please donate generously here for bus tickets. To help me attend as a delegate to the event, please look for the Paypal button on the left and donate appropriately. Help us rewrite history and compose a new saga of respect, fairness and equality for all Americans the process - something neither political convention is set to accomplish this summer.

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  1. OK how did the National gathering go? Great I hope. Even if you did not have hundreds of thousands, It was better than nothing happening. Next year I hope to have a Human Rights March down Old Colorado Main St.
    I aim to make a four headed monster to represent Homelessness, Hunger.Violence, and Imposed Silence, as parts of poverty. I want the sculpture bigger than most monsters at least 4 foot head, and 40 foot body. And to be carried by many walkers.
    Also, I wish to gather Colorado Social groups, to be in the Last week end of June.
    Seek funds for supplies, a studio to work in, and to learn how to work with the materials. Also funds to support myself and my loved one while working.  The State of Colorado Violates the US Constitution, and Human Rights of the ancient Right To Travel by saying artists or non profits can apply for grants until they are their for 3 Years. So I need people to donate $20 to thousands.  Making the Beasty of Poverty, and the groups coming together, will cost at least $150,000.

    So anyone in any state can send a check or money-order Made out to Hospitality House Care of Jan Hoag to POBox, 63461 Colorado Springs CO 89062.

    Help us tell the public that Poverty is larger than the US Government tells us. Help us get the awareness of individuals, of newspapers, and to plant HOPE, of a better tomorrow.  Where everyone makes 1.4 times the monthly rent each week. To make something like that is to be outside of the nightmare of poverty 

    Ending poverty can end happen, not in the next decade or 5 decades but in 2-4 years, If we Believe it can end. And address the real causes of poverty. Everyone can afford to pay the rent, provide repairs, and get gifts for their loved ones, if we believe it is possible.

    Help me make "Beasty of Poverty ".   


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